Campus Infrastructure

The Campus

FPI is located on a 5 acre campus in South Bangalore (near Kengeri), at a distance of about 20 kms from city centre, on the way to Mysore. The Campus has seven buildings for learning and residential use of critical support staff, faculty and the director.


The learning facilities include;

Discussion Rooms

Seven discussion rooms with an average capacity to accommodate 30 participants, which are designed to enable participatory learning and knowledge sharing. Each of the rooms have good ventilation, lighting, flexible seating arrangements, and equipped with contemporary audio-video, internet and LAN facilities.



A specialized library with both conventional and digital resources, LAN facilities in the discussion rooms, hostel and guest house are being put in place to enable 24x7 access to library services.


Network Facilities

A dedicated 24/7 Internet access, intra and inter-institutional networking capabilities through KSWAN and other computer accessories for hands on training is being put in place.



A studio with acoustics for in-house production of learning material and also to enable learning via virtual mode and data dissemination using KSWAN.


Conference Hall and Auditorium


Two conference rooms to accommodate about 40 persons in each room, four committee rooms for group discussions and an auditorium with seating capacity for about 180 in the audience and 10 persons on the dais.


Guest House

A guest house with 12 modestly furnished rooms to accommodate resource persons and other visitors, using or supporting FPI services.



A hostel with 70 rooms to accommodate about 140 persons. The hostel has spacious dining facility to accommodate about 150 persons.