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Internship Reports

S.No  Name Year  Report  Document
46 Nagalakshmi B V 2023-24 Trends in Karnataka State's Own Tax Revenue. View
45 Syed Ameena 2023-24 Operationl Aspects of Goods And Services Tax. View 
44 Anisha 2023-24 A Study on thr Impact of GST on the Real Estate Sector. View
43. Kushala K 2022-23 Analysis of Agricultural Revenue Receipts in Karnataka. View
42. Manu Prathap 2022-23 Analysis of Fiscal Decentralisation of Allocation in Indian Federation: 2022-23 Case Study of Budget Allocation to Demand for Grants for Health and Family Welfare in Karnataka State. View
41. Navyashree B M 2022-23 Impact of Public Expenditure on Agriculture Sector on Agriculture GSDP in Karnataka. View
40. Sharadhi K M 2022-23 Fiscal Effects of Public-Private Partnership in Karnataka. View
39. Anubhuti Kishor Hiwase 2020-21 Gender Budgeting for Women Entrepreneurship: Karnataka Case Study View
38. Ramya M Benakanahalli 2020-21 Application of Chatbots in HR Division With reference to Indian Company View
37. Niveditha M 2020-21 Statutory and Administrative Powers of GST Officers-Limits & Limitations  View
36. Chitra Rajpal 2020-21 The Changing Nature of Fiscal Federalism in India: A Critical Analysis on the Constitutional and Legal Provisions View
35. Aniket Chatterjee 2020-21 Analysing the effect of macroeconomic stress on Non-Performing Assets of Karnataka State Cooperative bank View
34. Ayush Mehrotra 2020-21 Fifteenth Finance Commission's Recommendations and its Implications on Karnataka's Fiscal Position View
33. Anju Kumari 2020-21 Impact of Fiscal Deficit on Private Investment: Evidence from India View
32. Abhiudaya Verma 2020-21 Measuring the Impact of Covid-19 on Fiscal Indicators to Analyse Government’s Response and Recommend Fiscal Policy for the Recovery View
31 Poorva B Prabhu 2020-21 Karnataka's Preparedness to meet the requirements for additional state borrowings under the Central Government's new Fiscal Policy View
30  Himanshu Dixit, NLSIU Bengaluru  2019-20  GDP Estimation Using Nightlights data: Relevance and Applicability for India view
29  Shafeek A, University of Madras Chennai  2019-20  A Comparative Analysis of Gender Budgeting in Kerala and Karnataka (2017-20) view
28  RAJSHREE S, Manasagangothri University Mysore  2019-20  A Study on Trends and Patterns of Non-Performing Assets and Performance of Urban Co-operative Banks in India  view
27  Rahul Kumar, School of Economics University Hyderabad   2019-20  Lags in Regulatory Framework of GST Dealing with Frauds and their Remedial Measures view
26  Pragati Priya, School of Economics University Hyderabad  2019-20  A Study on Corporate Governance of Public Sector Undertakings in India  view
25  Dhanalakshmi R, Manasagangothri University Mysore  2019-20  An Analysis of Public Debt Management in Karnataka view
24  Deyona Rose Saji, St. Aloysius Collage Mangalore   2019-20  Financial Allocations under NHM and their Impact on Health Indicators: A Comparative Analysis of Karnataka & Kerala view
23  Akshay M Laddha, Dayanada Sagar Bengaluru   2019-20  A Study of Relevance of Black-Scholes Model for Stock Option in Indian Market  view
21  Ananta Vihari Gupta, DSTM Bengaluru  2018-19  Examining the Factors and Issues Leading to Non-Filing of Returns under GST view
20  Nikhil Prakash Thakare, ABBS Bengaluru   2018-19  A Comparative Study of Fiscal Reforms in Karnataka and Maharashtra State view
19  Amrutha S.O, BNBIMS Mysore  2018-19  Role of Fiscal Policy in attracting FDI inflows into India and Karnataka20 view
18  Prashanth Kumar M, CRM University Bengaluru  2018-19  A Study of Accounting System of Primary & Secondary Education Department in Karnataka view
17 Namrata Kumar, NLSIU Bengaluru (June – August 2016) 2016-17 Implementation of Legistlation into Grassroot Levels view  
16 Mantasha Husain, NLSIU Bengaluru (June – August 2016)  2016-17 Budgetary Allocation and Implementation of Udyogini view
15 Navin Prabhat, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2013)  2013-14 A Study on comparative analysis of Government entity and private firms view
14 Afreen Naz, IIM Lucknow( April – June 2013)  2013-14 Analysis of Karnataka’s Competitiveness as an Investment Destination for FMCG sector  view
13 Harshit Gupta, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2013)  2013-14 Employment Generating Factors in Sericulture in Karnataka and Marketing Research on Promotional Strategies of KSIC view
12 Varun Chhabra, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2011) 2011-12 Optimization model for food grain distribution and movement planning in Karnataka view
11 Santosh Kamble, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2011) 2011-12 Public Procurement in Karnataka – An analysis view
10 Khumtiya Debbarma, NLSIU, Bangalore (January – March 2011) 2010-11 Challenges in implementation of Right to free and compulsory Education Act, 2009 view
9 Batool Zahoor Qazi, NLSIU Bangalore (January – March 2011) 2010-11 Right to Education: From the Child Rights Perspective view
8 Sharmendra Chaudhry, NLSIU Bangalore (February – March 2011) 2010-11 Land acquisition in Karnataka with a focus on compensation in acquisition of land for the companies and urban layouts  view
7 Shiva Raman S, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2010) 2010-11 Migration to GST: Preparedness and level of knowledge, understanding, application and skills of human resources in the Government and the Industry  view
6 Laxmikant Jhawar, Christ University, Bangalore (June 2010) 2010-11 A Study on Restructuring of State Level Public Sector Sick Companies in Karnataka  view
5 Pranav D S, Bangalore Institute of Technology (July – September 2010) 2010-11 A study to establish an efficient and user-friendly library at FPI as an exclusive knowledge centre view
4 Samar Sinh, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2010) 2010-11 Training needs assessment in selected departments of Government of Karnataka with focus on management of finances view
3 Suvalaxmi Dash 2010-11 Gender Justice through Gender Budgeting  view
2 Kalyan Ram R, IIM Lucknow (June 2009) 2009-10 A Study on Risk Assessment Framework for Government Guarantees 1999-2008: Government of Karnataka, India view
1 Annamalai A K, IIM Lucknow (June 2009) 2009-10 Effectiveness of subsidies to Industries: A Karnataka Perspective (2005-09)  view

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